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GP Graders is a multi-award winning world leader in fruit grading and packing technology. We’ve been manufacturing machinery for the fresh produce industry since 1963 to meet the needs of fruit packers around the globe. Our operations are based on the following five pillars:

Leadership through innovation

At GP Graders, our driving force is: “Leadership through innovation”. We dedicate ourselves to continuous product and technological developments to reduce your operating costs or improve your business’ revenue.

Small fresh produce grading

Over the years, we have grown to become an industry expert and leader in the grading and packing of small produce such as cherries, blueberries, cherry and grape tomatoes, and tree fruit. We concentrate our development resources on specific produce categories and build our expertise toward delivering specialized solutions.

Customized designs

At GP Graders, we recognize and understand that you and your packing business have unique and have specific needs and requirements. We design our machinery accordingly, today and into the future as you grow to determine what machinery best fits your facility’s layout, your production volumes, your packing styles, and your growth plans.

Local support

We have a global network of expert technicians and support staff on the ground in North America, South America, Europe, and Australia to ensure we can provide service to you beyond the purchase of our machinery.

Quality manufacturing

We take great pride in our tough “built to last” engineering standards. Here at GP Graders, we do not compromise on quality and build solid, industrial use machinery. Our machinery stands out amongst the modern trend of low quality, cheaply built European and Chinese equipment.

When you purchase any of our grading solutions, they will stand the test of time. Contact GP Graders to learn about our world-leading fresh produce grading and packing solutions.