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Sorting and Packing Your Blueberries the Smart Way

Built on our foundational knowledge of cherry grading, the AirJet® Blueberry Classic Grader is our solution for blueberry packers who prioritise gentle handling of the fruit.

Utilising the same cutting-edge technology as all of our grading machines, gpVision, the AirJet® Blueberry Classic Grader is the future of blueberry grading and sorting across the globe.

A Focus on Speed and Accuracy

The AirJet® Blueberry grader cuts sorting and packing costs and increases overall average prices for your product. Innovatively engineered to increase throughput and improve sorting accuracy, packers can now be assured of consistent and uniform product quality, size and presentation of blueberries to buyers.


The AirJet® grader sorts blueberries according to size, colour and quality and softness/firmness. It also separates blueberries with defects such as shrivel, scar and damage. Fast, gentle and accurate, the’ AirJet® grader sorts blueberries at a speed of up to 45 units per second per lane, yielding extremely high productivity while maintaining grading accuracy.

Available Models

4 Lane

Volume per HourExits
600kg / 1,320lb8 or 12

8 Lane

Volume per HourExits
1,200kg / 2,640lb8, 12 or 16

16 Lane

Volume per HourExits
2,400kg / 5,280lb8, 12 or 16


SpeedUp to 45 rollers p/second
Cameras per lane3 cameras = 1 x Monochrome, 1 x Colour, 1 x NIR
Camera typeFull High Definition
Images captured of each berry18 images
Size gradingTo 1⁄2 millimetre
Colour gradingNo limit to colour separation
Shrivel / dehydration detectionYes
Softness / firmness separationMultiple categories of separation
Stem on / off detectionYes
Defect separationYes, splits, bruising, rots, decay, cuts
Easy to use1-2 hours training only
Hardware controlsComputer, screen, keyboard
Control cabinetVariable speed drive motor controls
Berry ejectionAir pressure
Frame constructionStainless steel
Hygiene equipment design3 – A SSI
ChainPre-tensioned (no stretching) 2060 chain
SanitationFull wash down, easy to clean
Guarantee12 month warranty
Power requirements25 Amps
Air compressor requirements *116psi (8 bar) @ 80cfm

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