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AirJet Vision® - Now for Plums

AirJet Vision® - Now for Plums

Within 18 months of its launch, GP Graders AirJet Vision® software has successfully been used to grade seven different fresh produce types, including fresh cherries, maraschino cherries, blueberries, loose grapes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes and now, small plums.

Known as Mirabelle or cherry plums, this smaller variety ran perfectly over the AirJet Vision® software throughout the season. The software successfully identified all external defects including scars, splits, wind rub, bruising, softness and discolouration. Production ran at about 1 tonne per hour per lane of the grader.

The launch of AirJet Vision® took place at two facilities in January and February this year for plums. Barisha Batinich of Valley Fresh in Young, NSW and Tony Sisiliano of Boosey Fruit in Cobram, Victoria were the first to use AirJet Vision® for plums. Both of these customers used their new GP Graders grading lines to grade plums following the cherry season, allowing them to extend their packing season by a further 4 weeks. GP Graders also manufactures dedicated small plum grading lines.

On the launch, Director of GP Graders, Stuart Payne said ‘We are constantly impressed with the capability of the software and its performance on new produce we trial. Being able to detect defects on stone fruits is groundbreaking in the fresh produce industry and it’s exciting to be the pioneers in this area.’

Later this year, GP Graders will be releasing the AirJet Vision® defect technology for larger plums, with weight, colour and size grading capabilities, on two conventional larger fruit grading lines.