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Reduce Staff and Automate with GP Graders

Reduce Staff and Automate with GP Graders

GP Graders are in full production building machinery to meet the demands of the global fruit packing market. Leading to the spike in sales is the rush for packers to reduce the need for human packing staff, which has become an elevated priority in the wake of recent events.  As such, GP Graders is investing more of its resources into technologies and machinery designed to eliminate packhouse staff from the floor.

The industry has been severely disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic and it is obvious there will be long-term consequences to the produce sorting landscape. In many countries, a majority of packing staff workforces are populated by overseas workers, most of whom are in the country on a temporary basis. Movement between borders is almost certain to become more stringent for years to come and this will diminish the availability of packing staff.

GP Graders’ automation technologies continue to evolve and have already surpassed human ability in sorting speed and accuracy. Reduced costs and increased production leave little reason not to make the switch, particularly in such a low interest rate environment.

Sanitation is another major issue facing produce sorters around the world. A pandemic outbreak globally exacerbated by hygiene issues is sure to put packhouses under more scrutiny. Food industry regulations will tighten around the world, and so will enforcement. These increases warrant strict compliance from any organisation who is serious about their livelihood.

GP Graders continue to work towards its aspiration of creating “lights out”, or contactless packhouses. Doing away with human/produce contact will all but eliminate labour and thus contamination. The solution effectively nullifies both key concerns of labour and sanitation. GP Graders has begun releasing full sanitary machinery to this end. More rules and regulations will continue to be introduced and amended, especially over the next two to three years. With this in mind, it is fundamental to engage with a grading technology specialist whose work is aligned with the market’s evolution.    

GP Graders remain open for business in this tumultuous economic climate. Australian manufacturing is fortuitous in having escaped some of the worse effects of the pandemic – the industry is now full steam ahead and shipping worldwide. We are transporting our solutions to Europe, North America and South America.