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Rivermaid Scores Top Marks in Asia

Rivermaid Scores Top Marks in Asia

Off season improvements and newly installed HD cameras on Rivermaid’s 40 lane AirJet® cherry grading line has been a huge success.

“The ability to identify and pull out small fresh cracks has ensured we deliver the quality packs our export markets demand; the pre-season work is paying off” says Patrick Archibeque CEO of Rivermaid Trading in Lodi CA.

The recent rain that has swept through large portions of cherry orchards in California has also driven packouts lower, but with the new HD cameras/software in place packed quality has not managed to be an issue.

Even with lower packouts and more problems with fruit quality the line has not slowed down one notch which truly showcases why this technology is in high demand. Rivermaid’s cherry line does not require pre-sorting before the cameras.