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GP Graders are proud to offer a suite of pre-season, throughout the season and post-season services and training to assist clients to get the most out of their GP Graders system. We also have local service technicians on the ground in Chile and North America, so if you run into trouble, chances are we're able to assist you to solve the problem.

Before the Season Begins

pre season servicing

Pre-Season Maintenance

With the cherry season fast approaching, it's time to get your AirJet® grader in perfect working order for day one of the cherry season. To help prepare for the season, GP Graders are pleased to offer a Pre-Season Maintenance (PSM) service. Our highly skilled technicians will conduct the PSM to ensure all hardware, electronics and software are checked and up to date to have you "ready to roll" the day the first cherries arrive into your facility.

The PSM is an insurance policy you cannot afford to be without.

What’s included in Pre-Season Maintenance?

GP Graders’ mechanical and electrical Service Technicians will carry out a comprehensive and detailed service of your AirJet® grader, including system startup, fault checking, calibration, software updates and part replacements. It is critical in the pre-season for your sorting machine and fruit grader to be ready for the rigors of a successful season.
operator training

Operator training

An intensive two-day training seminar for system users will be held at our training facilities prior to the start of cherry season. Operators will be trained on the program set up, fault diagnosis and all the features the AirJet® software provides. After the training, an examination will be undertaken where successful students receive an Accreditation Certificate. Being an expert in the features of a sorting machine such as the AirJet® will enable greater flexibility and ensure that you are conducting first-class risk management.

Throughout the Season

AirJet Operators

Contract AirJet® Operators

To get the very best performance from your AirJet® grading line, we can provide you with a full time experienced operator throughout the cherry season. All GP Graders operators are experienced and highly capable of operating your AirJet® system. Our team of operators have all undertaken extensive software training and can detect any faults and repairs to ensure you have minimal to no downtime throughout the cherry season. All operators have more than one season's experience in the northern or southern hemisphere.
Online technical support

Online technical support

All customers operating an AirJet® cherry line will be connected to our 24/7 support desk through the local Service and Support Center. Throughout the season our support staff will monitor the performance of your grading and sorting system and send out alerts if there are any problems in programming or operation. All online technical support is free of charge.
On-call services

On-call services

Our Service and Support Centers will be manned with mechanical and technical support personnel 24/7. If our online technicians are unable to diagnose and fix a problem, a mechanical or technical response member will be dispatched to your facility to fix the problem within 15 minutes.
Full kit of spare parts

Full kit of spare parts

GP Graders’ Service and Support Centers stock a full range of spare parts. Parts are available for pick up or delivery. Our service vehicles are also stocked with a limited range of critical spare parts available for purchase. You can be assured that with GP Graders your grading machinery and sorting system are in good hands.

After the Season

Post season retirements

Postseason retirements

Post the seasons' conclusion, GP Graders mechanical and electrical Service Technicians will retire your AirJet® grader. This includes system disconnections, singulator belt removal, protecting sensitive electronics and a comprehensive evaluation of the machine with the customer to itemize any repairs, maintenance, alterations, or additions to be warranted, quoted, and undertaken before the following season.

To learn more about how our GP Graders contract operators can help improve your performance before, during and after the season, please feel free to contact us.