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Connected Support & Learning

It’s just a harsh reality that things go pear-shaped sometimes. We don’t like it any more than you do.

To further enhance the support channels for our customers, we’ve created a direct link between our grading software and our online ticketing system for logging service and support requests.

This newly launched platform, for our customers to log and track the progress of their inquiry, aims to streamline the process of getting the help they need.

Over the coming weeks also, we’ll start adding knowledge-base articles that will help you to troubleshoot some of the most common issues people run into.

While we focus a great deal on making our machines as user-friendly as possible, it’s not unlike many machines and devices we use in life … if you learn how to use them well, then we can get more out of them. In order to take great photos, one must learn how to use a camera. And the same theory applies with our machinery. Investing time in learning the system means better results. When we’re dealing with such a natural, and therefore variable product, such as fruit, we believe it’s important to have a good understanding of the grading software and machinery in use.

We talked with our customers last cherry season about the usability of our systems and one common theme emerged… having a machine operator that knows how to tweak the system throughout the day, week, and season plays a huge part in the level of success in the grading results. There are an immense number of variables and some of them simply must be adjusted for on the fly. For example, on a hot day, if fruit has not been hydro-cooled, it will naturally be softer and as such, grader settings would need to be adjusted to compensate for this. In fact, it may even need to be adjusted as the day progresses and the temperatures fluctuate.

GP Graders acknowledges the important role we play in the fresh produce industry and is committed to developing technological solutions that enhance individual businesses and the industry as a whole.

Over the coming months, a representative from GP Graders will be contacting you to create your account on our Remote Support Platform.

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