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The New Standard for Stone Fruit Sorting

GP Graders’ industry leading gpVision™ technology has been launched for stone fruit. Offering unmatched defect finding and sorting accuracy, our grading machines can help you to slash staffing costs and provide consistent size and quality grades.

Our technology sorts your stone fruit precisely into more categories than was previously thought possible. This gives you more control over the products you pack and the prices you offer to domestic and export markets, significantly raising your company’s profitability.

Where previously, weight and size was how fruit was sorted, gpVision™ brings incredible defect finding capability. Scars, splits, wind-rub and a variety of other blemishes can be detected and discarded, increasing the overall quality of fruit in the box.


At the heart of all our AirJet® graders, gpVision™ encapsulates super high definition (HD) cameras, an advanced LED lighting arrangement, real time control unit and a complete firmware, software and user interface solution. We’ve designed and produced our own proprietary electronic systems, mechanical hardware and software platform, utilising the best programming talent and electrical engineering methods available, to create a robust, reliable, and future-ready solution that will serve your business for many, many years to come.

gpVision™ is the new industry benchmark for sorting of nectarines, peaches, plums & apricots.

Accurate Size & Colour Separation

Based on over 30 years of proven success our weight grading is second to none.

Now integrated in to our gpVision™ product, weight grading and defect detection are an all-in-one package, representing a leap forward is stone fruit packing results.

gpVision™ for stone fruit provides consistently flawless colour separation that promises uniform pack colour. This level of technology offers more export and market options as you can sort your produce into different categories based on colour aesthetic.

Superior Defect Detection

gpVision™ offers industry leading defect sorting to ensure premium consistency of your saleable products.

Our vision system scans for scars, splits, wind rub, bruising and softness ensuring no inferior quality fruits compromise your product.

gpVision™ is also the only technology on the market capable of determining the relative softness/firmness of produce. By categorising your fruit into softness classes, you have more control over the way your produce is sold, with an enhanced ability to sort your products from premium down.

Versatile & Adaptable

Diversity is key in modern business and we recognise the importance of having solutions that serve many facets of your farm or pack-house.

Our stone fruit grader is cleverly designed to process a variety of stone fruits, including plums, nectarines, peaches and apricots.

With the ability to simply load up specific programs for the fruit you are processing that day, the stone fruit grader is versatile and capable, rendering it an exceptional investment in your packhouse.

A Wise Investment

Stonefruit packers across the globe are benefiting from partnering their businesses with GP Graders.

Gunkel Orchards in Washington State are grading apricots, nectarines and peaches on our new 601 grader with gpVision™ with excellent results, saving labour costs and increasing the overall quality of the product in the box.

An incredibly wise investment, especially in a time of increasing costs, a relationship with GP Graders will pay for itself within a matter of years.

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