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Cutting the cost of sorting and packing your blueberries

In 2006, we revolutionised the cherry sorting process with an electronic vision grading system that quite literally doubled the effectivity of sorting colour, size and defects from the old mechanical ways. Fast forward 15 years and countless lanes of cherry vision grading installation completed and we’re again, making a dint in the industry with incredible results for Blueberry sorting.

Traditionally, blueberries have been processed either by hand or by archaic mechanical machines that only achieved the simple process of getting fruit in to containers. Today, consumers demand more uniformity, consistency and a higher quality product. And the businesses that can meet those demands are leading the pack.


At the heart of the AirJet® grader, gpVision encapsulates super high definition (HD) cameras, an advanced LED lighting arrangement, real time control unit and a complete firmware, software and user interface solution. We’ve designed and produced our own proprietary electronic systems, mechanical hardware and software platform, utilising the best programming talent and electrical engineering methods available, to create a robust, reliable, and future ready solution that will serve your business for many, many years to come.

gpVision has quickly become the industry benchmark for sorting of blueberries.

Softness Determination

The AirJet® Grader with gpVision™ is the only machine capable of determining relative degrees of softness/firmness of blueberries. The software allows the produce to be separated into 5-7 categories of softness to firmness. This technology is revolutionary in blueberries and promises to change the way blueberries are sold throughout the world.

Accurate Size Separation

The dimensions of each product are calculated using multiple images of the product. gpVision™ detects the stem connection or bloom. In this way, we know which diameter must be measured. Specialized algorithms determine the height and width of the product. Diameter and shape are also determined.

Colour Separation

The AirJet® Blueberry grader achieves perfect color separation that provides consistency and uniform pack color. The grader’s software and revolutionary camera technology work in combination to remove red and green blueberries from full blue products accurately and timely.

Defect Sorting

gpVision™ is programmed to detect both internal and external defects. It successfully detects and removes internal defects that affect blueberries such as softness, bruising, cell breakdown, shriveling and compression damage.

The AirJet® Blueberry Grader is available in two unique models

Sanitary Grader

The AirJet® Blueberry Sanitary Grader is designed according to strict hygiene and sanitation standards. The design of the machine is robust using food-grade materials and can be washed down after the operating shift.

The Sanitary Grader is best suited to high volume, machine-harvested fruit scenarios.


Our standard grader is more suited to smaller hand-picked fruit environments where gentle handling is of paramount importance.

The perfect partnership…

GP Graders is proudly partnered with the highly regarded and well-established A&B Packing, for the sale and distribution of the AirJet® Blueberry grader.
Our relationship with A&B, whom have a reputation for quality machinery across the world, ensures a complete, end-to-end solution can be provided.
The GP Graders AirJet® Blueberry grader integrates perfectly with many of the A&B products and our joint experience ensures the right machinery is matched to your facility.

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