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The New Benchmark for Fruit Sorting

gpVision™, formally known as AirJet Vision, has quickly become the industry benchmark for small fruit sorting.

At the heart of our range of AirJet Graders, gpVision™, encapsulates high definition (HD) cameras, an advanced LED lighting arrangement, real time control unit and a complete firmware, software and user interface solution. GP Graders is again at the forefront of research and development in vision technology.

Truly ground-breaking development with machine learning is seeing gpVision™ redefine sizing, colour assessment and defect detection, delivering unparalleled results.

Take a spin around our new vision grading system…

Impressive from any angle, gpVision™ is a stand-out solution for your fruit grading. As effective, as it is visually impressive, your packing facility will benefit from GP Graders’ innovatively designed machinery.

Built from the Ground Up

We’ve designed and produced our own proprietary electronic systems, mechanical hardware and software platform, utilising some of the best programming talent and electrical engineering methods available, to create a robust, reliable, and future ready solution that will serve your business for many, many years.

Simpler Operation

The new gpVision™ user interface removes the need to have a professionally trained technician on-site for your packing season. Our user interface has been designed with one intention above all… ease of use.

Graphically inclined and intuitively designed, the gpVision™ software can have an operator up and running in a matter of hours rather than days and has all the most important information on the dashboard to ensure ease of use.

For the more experienced operators and larger pack houses, the full grading package can be accessed and adjusted to carefully fine tune your grading schedule, allowing you to adjust to the specific demands of various global markets.

Better Defect Detection

gpVision™ finds more defects and more of the defected fruit. For you it means for the most accurate assessment of your fruit, where nothing falls through the cracks in software programming, ensuring minimal fruit wastage and ultimately maximum profits.

Less False Positives

It’s not talked about too much because it’s a pain point in the process but false positives, or fruit, wrongly identified as defected, is costing you money.
And often a lot of money.

Consider this scenario…
If you’re processing 1 tonne per hour and 3% of your fruit is being incorrectly identified as having spurs on them when in fact, they don’t, then you’re losing nearly 1200kg in an 8 hour day. Compare that to the gpVision™ result of under 0.5% and your misclassification drops from 1200kg to 200kg.

MultiView Camera System (MVCS)

For the whole picture, our MultiView Camera System (MVCS) captures up to 100% of the fruit surface.

The additional cameras allow defects to be detected in what may have otherwise been missed in the top down rotational images.
This level of details allows defect detection to be absolutely maximised.

The result means less manual sorting is required and a higher quality product in your first grade boxes.

Reaping the Rewards

Smart operators across Australia, South America and Europe are already benefiting from making the switch to gpVision™.

Barisha Batinich, of Valley Fresh Cherries had this to say about his AirJet Cherry Grader running gpVision:

“With an AirJet Grader and gpVision, it smooths out the bad weather situations without extra staff. It’s been the first time we have been rewarded for our larger fruits through better sizing and defect technology.”

Upgrade to gpVision™

While GP Graders have been using electronic vision grading systems since the late eighties, the bold decision to bring the design and development of a proprietary system inhouse in 2016 has led to the creation of a truly superior fruit grading solution.

If you’re running older GP machinery, talk to us today about upgrading to gpVision™.

The Right Solution

gpVision™ is the perfect solution for your fruit grading needs.

  • Lower Running Costs
  • No annual licence fees
  • Free software upgrades
  • Unlimited software license on purchase
  • Lower pre-season (PSM) costs

Global Support & Service

  • Offices in Australia, North America, Chile & Europe
  • An expansive network of experienced technicians
  • Over 30 years of experience in grading solutions
    and the know-how to fix issues quickly.

gpVision™ for Various Fruits

gpVision™ has been designed to effectively grade cherries, blueberries, various small tomatoes and assorted stone fruits.

Click below to how gpVision™ can improve your business.

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