Cherries in Ardmona, Victoria

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Client name:
Vigliaturo Orchards
Ardmona, Victoria, Australia

This build was slightly customised, elevated about 400mm to match the existing sorting belts the team considered still viable. A modified small fruit eliminator (SFE) was supplied to tie in with their existing receival system and 2 extra electronic carton fillers were also delivered to handle the greater throughput the new grading machine will generate.

The Vigliaturo family actually had a GP Graders cherry grader about 30 years ago that never missed a beat. But after a decade or so on an ‘imported’ machine, Steve felt it was time to upgrade. The old machine had simply become obsolete and he wanted to take advantage of substantially better defect detection the GP Graders AirJet® Grader offers, allowing him to better classify his ‘seconds’ fruit and most importantly, discard less good fruit.

The decision to go with GP graders was based on the exceptional service offered throughout the design and build process, really good communication and the quality of the machinery built.

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