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Defect Detection for Nectarines and Plums

For years, the GP501 Weight Grader has been reliably sorting a variety of stone fruits for growers and packers across Australia and the world. It’s a workhorse of a machine, with many having been in packing sheds for decades.
When we were approached to adapt our vision technology to stone fruits, we welcomed the challenge. Despite Covid19 presenting a myriad of challenges last year, we recently delivered on our promise and retrofit gpVision™ onto an existing weight grader in Swan Hill, Victoria.
Designed exclusively for plums and nectarines, we’ve designed a new enclosure to house a brand new camera configuration and lighting system.
Based on the highly successful gpVision™, our proprietary vision grading system is once again, achieving great results. Off the back of countless success stories in the cherry industry, this is an exciting advancement in fruit grading.
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