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GP Graders Relationship With Milbor PMC Proves Fruitful For European Growers

Milbor PMC is a family-run business based in Poland that supports fruit growers and packing companies by providing and implementing high-end technology solutions. They are also the exclusive dealer of GP Graders machinery in Europe.

A Global Market

The worldwide demand for high-quality blueberries year-round means that it is essential that the export market is front of mind. With the Southern Hemisphere growing season closed, all eyes are on the Northern Hemisphere and regions such as the USA and Europe, where picking and packing will soon be in full swing.

The additional time and freight constraints required to meet global demand mean that growers need to grade their fruit with absolute certainty to ensure they are sending the right quality product to the right market. Our AirJet® Blueberry Graders with gpVision™ are perfect for the job, but conflicting time zones, the distance between Australia and Europe and our commitment to providing quality sales and technical support meant forming a partnership with an experienced and centralized supplier in Europe was required.

A Fruitful Partnership

Milbor PMC’s centralised location, industry experience and responsiveness made for the perfect choice. Skilled in all facets of our graders, the team are on-site for installations and support. Additionally, their centralised European location allows growers to receive ongoing on-call 24/7 service support within their own time zone.

Their Warsaw office provides a hub to coordinate their sales and support services, and their seven service bases spread across Northern Africa, Eastern and Western Europe allow growers to experience timely in-person support and fast access to spare parts.

A number of customers have recently benefited from the partnership and have GP Graders equipment installed by the team at Milbor.

Every Season Is Blueberry Season

We take our commitment to providing the best possible grading equipment, technology, and support to the blueberry industry seriously. Operating in a global market opens up many exciting opportunities for blueberry growers, but it also brings new challenges. Our goal is to support the industry so that every season is blueberry season.

We see our successful partnership with Milbor PMC as an important part of ensuring not only a consistent supply of fruit but the ability to supply the state-of-the-art equipment and personalised support that growers and packhouses need to meet demand successfully.

So, if you happen to be at a fair or expo and see the team from Milbor PMC be sure to say hello. They’ll be more than happy to show you the equipment and discuss the difference that a GP Grader with gpVision™ can make to your operation.

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