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Infantino Orchards Grader Upgrade Project

Infantino United Fruit are a fruit grower located in the Swan Hill region of Victoria. They operate over 480 acres of land and have been in the fresh produce growing industry for over 60 years. Their crop includes peaches, nectarines, and persimmons.

Project Summary

With international exports opening and a more favourable growing season, Infantino Orchards were looking for a solution that would streamline their packing shed operations and allow them to sort higher volumes of fruit more accurately.

What We Delivered

  • GP601 stone fruit grader to replace the previous machine and integrate with existing infeed equipment.
  • Installation and training.


An increase in volume as well as staff shortages meant that Infantino was ready to upgrade from their 22-year-old single-lane GPGrader to a machine that allowed them to work more efficiently.

As Infantino is predominantly a stone fruit grower, our GP601 Grader was the ideal solution. Designed to handle the demands of busy fruit growers, this machine utilises our latest technology to weigh and sort stone fruit, allowing the grower to save time and better meet consumer demands.

Investing in a significant upgrade with GP Graders made sense. As an Australian-owned, made and operated company, the team were on site to install the machinery and provide hands-on training, which allowed the growers at Infantino to get their new machine up and running sooner.

Installing a GP601 unit also gives Infantino the flexibility to upgrade to gpVision technology when the time is right. This technology will further enhance their operation by detecting scars, splits, wind rub, and a variety of other blemishes associated with stone fruit allowing them to sell more fruit at premium prices.

Such a significant upgrade in technology can often mean downtime. Not in this case. As part of the installation, GP Graders technicians walked the team through the software and machinery. Its ease of use and user-friendly interface means that now that it has been set up, Marty only has to make minor adjustments to get the most out of his machine.

Nobody likes downtime, but on the rare occasion help is required, internet connectivity allows for servicing and support to be offered remotely. This means operations are often back online in as little as 30 minutes. And if it can’t be fixed remotely, GP technicians can be on-site within hours, as the only Australian-based manufacturer, with superior local service and support.

As Marty said.

“Since installing the GP601, there are a lot of new benefits to it, being a lot easier to pack the fruit and being able to do a better job of quality and under less pressure. We’re doing less hours, pushing the volume through the machine and not having to spend as many hours inside of the shed anymore.”

Interested in exploring how GP Graders can streamline your packing shed operations? Let’s talk.

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