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Lug tipping, re-invented

GP Graders have re-invented the lug tipper and have thereby revolutionized the cherry industry. Simple, fast, and gentle. The problems of the old-style lug tippers have been eliminated with this brilliant new design from GP Graders.

Gentle and Clean

Full lugs of cherries are loaded in rows of 2, 3 or 4 lugs depending on the width of the receival tank. Lugs are carried forward and clamped tight as they submerge into the receival tank for a gentle, zero impact release in water. Lugs are washed through water before being elevated, then released in unison onto a take away conveyor for re-palletizing the empty lugs.

Key Features

  • Roll-over steps to fully expose cherries to sorters without the need to handle cherries
  • Central reject belt 150mm wide
  • Blue belt colour – avoids eye fatigue
  • Drainage tray fitted underneath
  • Construction in anodized aluminium
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