Cherries in Anthemion, Greece

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Client name:
Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa (ACN)
Anthemion GREECE

Described as ‘revolutionary’, the recent installation of a 4 lane AirJet® Grader in Anthemion, Greece has been a been resounding success, right out of the gate.

Previously hand-sorting defects and running a mechanical grader for sizing, the ACN group are now enjoying a smoother packhouse operation and considerably greater productivity with the new machine processing up to 2.5 tons per hour. The operator in charge of running the machine this season says they’re incredibly pleased with the colour separation and speed of the machine.

This grader is one of the first machines to have the new MultiView™ camera systems installed. An extra 24 cameras have been added to enable 100% of the cherry surface to be scanned for defects.

And in the theme of firsts, the ACN AirJet® grader is the first to leave the factory with the new gpVision™ branding.

We’re excited to see our revolutionary vision grading system making a difference in our customer’s business.

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