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Client name:
Wandin Valley Farms
Wandin North, Victoria, Australia

Wandin Valley Farms’ relationship with GP Graders began in 1984. Since then Wandin Valley Farms have continued to grow and over these years with six new machinery installations from GP Graders in 1984, 1991, 1995, 2002, 2012 & 2018, each machine installation doubling their production capacity.

In 2018, Wandin Valley Farms built an entirely new facility in which to pack cherries featuring a 20 lane AirJet® grader and connected packing line. A high-speed robotic bin tipper is able to handle 60 bins per hour, dual cluster cutters and 20 lanes of HD cameras with 9 cameras per lane, make this installation one of the most advanced cherry packing lines in Australia.

With water flow transfers through the packing line, the emphasis is on quality, tonnage throughput and gentle handling for ultimate delivery to the most discerning export markets in Asia. Cherries are packed using high-speed fully automatic box fillers that require no human involvement during filling. These automatic box fillers fill plastic bags (using GP Graders supplied Barry bag frames) and bulk 2kg and 5kg boxes.

Wandin Valley Farms have developed a unique reputation for their elegant and innovative packaging designs to not just deliver an exceptional product to market but to deliver it with beautiful presentation for the end consumer.

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