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Cutting the cost of sorting and packing your cherries

Our AirJet® Cherry Grader is at the forefront of the cherry machinery industry, as GP Graders are innovation and technology leaders. This is evident as GP Graders have been behind almost every innovation in the cherry machinery industry since 1987. The AirJet electronic cherry grader is the most technologically advanced sorting machine available today, and this cutting-edge technology helps you to achieve the best possible returns for your fruit, by dramatically reducing the sorting and packing costs, and providing perfect size grading.

Fast, gentle and accurate, GP Graders’ AirJet® grader sorts cherries at a speed of 30.2 units per second, or 600kg per lane per hour yielding high productivity while maintaining grading accuracy.


At the heart of the AirJet® grader, gpVision™ encapsulates super high definition (HD) cameras, an advanced LED lighting arrangement, real time control unit and a complete firmware, software and user interface solution. We’ve designed and produced our own proprietary electronic systems, mechanical hardware and software platform, utilising the best programming talent and electrical engineering methods available, to create a robust, reliable, and future ready solution that will serve your business for many, many years to come.

gpVision™ has quickly become the industry benchmark for sorting of cherries.

Determining Softness

The AirJet® Cherry Grader with gpVision™ is capable of determining relative degrees of softness/firmness of cherries, ensuring the wrong fruit does not end up in your final boxes.

Accurate Size Separation

The dimensions of each product are calculated using multiple images of the product. Specialized algorithms help to determine the orientation of the product to calculate the diameter, stem length, surface area and shape to separate doubles, spurs and stemless cherries.

Colour Separation

Our color module provides perfect color separation enabling you to select fine color grades, using live feedback from high-resolution cameras.

Defect Sorting

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to achieve the best possible returns for your fruit. AirJet® cherry graders detect, internal defects including softness and bruising, external defects including cracks and wind rub.

Different models to suit your needs

We have a variety of models to suit your production volume needs:

2 Lane



4 Lane



10 Lane



20 Lane



For larger volumes, talk to us about how we can provide a custom solution for your pack house.

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