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Governors Visit to GP Graders

The Governor’s Visit to GP Graders

The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Victoria’s 29th governor, and the first female in the role, graciously made the time to visit GP Graders earlier this month and may we just say, it was an absolute joy to meet and discuss both the history of GP Graders and some of what the future has in stall for the company.

Warmly welcomed by both Ian & Stuart Payne, along with the namesake founder of the company, Geoff Payne, the Governor was provided insights into upcoming projects, the evolution of the technology and exciting pathways that GP Graders has planned for the near and future and beyond.

The Governor has a keen interest in Victorian export companies, recognising the vital role they play in Australia’s economy. As the host of the annual Victorian Export Awards (GOVEA), a special event that GP Graders has been honoured to receive awards at, 3 years running, the Governor is well versed in the impact exporters have on the global stage and sees the ongoing and abundant opportunities they pursue.

The gpVision™ technology was of particular interest to Her Excellency, who was quietly wowed by a live demonstration of the machinery. With cherries just coming into season, we were able to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology and the impact it makes to the businesses we partner with. To be able to pour a batch of cherries in to the infeed end of our Airjet® grader and see the different classes of fruit come out at the appropriate exit belts, provided a valuable insight into just remarkable the technology really is.

With a warm, welcoming demeanour, Her Excellency mingled with our team, discussing various manufacturing and technological facets of the business and machinery. The intent to promote the innovations of GP Graders across a broad-reaching network was made abundantly clear. And with international trade missions and a full schedule of visits to an array of businesses laid out, it’s exciting to consider where the influential word of Her Excellency could take our technology and brand.

We’re truly grateful to the Governor for carving out some time in a very busy schedule and wish Her Excellency all the very best for future endeavours.

As a leader with no political association, the Governor is seen as a symbol of unity who seeks to represent and understand the whole Victorian community and who encourages unity, mutual respect and confidence among its members. For more information about the responsibilities of the Governor and to learn more, click here.

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