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The Grading Software Everyone is Talking About

It was a busy year in 2021 with a large number of packing sheds making the switch to our proprietary vision grading system, gpVision™.  These businesses that upgraded to gpVision™ on their existing machinery were elated with the difference it made for the quality of fruit they could pack and labour cost reductions they benefitted from. Our new machine owners we’re amazed by how having an AirJet® Grader had transformed their packing operations.

With dozens of packing sheds now running gpVision™ across every state of Australia, we’re confident to say, our grading solution is causing quite a stir and re-defining the benchmark for small fruit grading.

One packer we spoke with had this to say about their upgrade to gpVision™: “We had some fruit we were considering leaving on the tree because its condition wasn’t ideal. But because we’d done the upgrade to gpVision™ this season, we felt confident it could handle the grading process. As a result, we were able to pull out some good fruit for sale and make profit on what would otherwise have just rotted away in the field.”

A machine operator from Tasmania commented: “I’ve used other systems in previous seasons. I was an operator at a farm down the road using an old foreign system for a few years so I can say with conviction that gpVision™ is HEAPS easier to use. It’s more straightforward to adjust settings and tweak to get great results.”

One cherry grower commented that with the monumental labour shortages and challenging weather conditions, his season was ‘absolutely saved’ by the installation of an AirJet® grader. Having to deal with fruit that was battered by rain & extreme heat meant he would not have been able to process the volume of fruit picked. The new graders’ productivity and the manual sorting work avoided made the season viable again and the investment well worthwhile.

The first cherry grader to be running our new MultiView™ camera system in Australia was installed in Tasmania in late 2021 and the results have been nothing short of staggering. An additional 6 cameras focused on the nose and stem section of each cherry rotation is ensuring we have virtually 100% coverage, allowing our intelligent algorithms to go to work and identify problem fruit and remove it, well before any manual sorting is ever required. Talking with the farm owner, he estimates his dollar cost to pack his cherries to be nearly a quarter of what it’s been in recent years. Bearing this in mind, it doesn’t take long to see how the investment really does pay for itself.

The superior results achieved from our state-of-the-art cameras, software and machinery solutions ensure a more profitable outcome for your business and now is the time to talk with us about how we can help you reduce staff numbers and increase your profit.

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