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Cherry Grading Has Been Revolutionized

Over the years, GP Graders has grown to become an industry expert and leader in the grading and packing of small produce such as cherries, blueberries, cherry and grape tomatoes and loose grapes.
We concentrate our development resources on specific produce categories and build our expertise toward delivering specialised solutions.
This specialisation ensures that we provide the best products and technological solutions for that specific market.

The Complete Solution

GP Graders recognise and understand that packers are unique in their needs and requirements. We design our machinery to meet your needs today and into the future as you grow. We work closely with you to gather specific information which will determine what machinery best fits your facility layout, your production volumes, your packing styles and your growth plans.

GP Graders provides a complete turn-key grading and packing solution, from bin and lug tippers through to cluster cutters, electronic grading machinery and a large range of packing options.

Our Complete Cherry Line

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Our Complete Cherry Line
Lug TipperReceival Tank & ElevatorCluster CutterSmall Fruit EliminatorAirJet® GraderSorting TablesElectronic Carton Fillers

Lug Tipper

Receival Tank & Elevator

Cluster Cutter

Small Fruit Eliminator

AirJet® Grader

Sorting Tables

Electronic Carton Fillers

AirJet® Cherry Grader

At the forefront of the cherry machinery industry, GP Graders are innovation and technology leaders. This is evident as GP Graders have been behind almost every innovation in the cherry machinery industry since 1987.

The AirJet® Cherry Grader is the most technologically advanced sorting machine available today, and this cutting-edge technology helps you to achieve the best possible returns for your fruit, by dramatically reducing the sorting and packing costs, and providing perfect size grading.

Upgrade to gpVision™

While GP Graders have been using electronic vision grading systems since the late eighties, the bold decision to bring the design and development of a proprietary system inhouse in 2016 has led to the creation of a truly superior fruit grading solution.

If you’re running older GP machinery, talk to us today about upgrading to gpVision™.

Lug Tippers

GP Graders have re-invented the lug tipper and have thereby revolutionized the cherry industry. Simple, fast, and gentle. The problems of the old-style lug tippers have been eliminated with this brilliant new design from GP Graders.

Receival Tanks and Elevators

Our receival tanks are manufactured with heavy gauge, stainless steel, which makes them hygienic and highly durable. Easy drainage is achieved with a sloping floor and is fitted with an access door to facilitate easy cleaning.

Cluster Cutters

The Cluster Cutter is our unique singulating conveyor designed to separate bunched cherries and to singulate them by cutting the stalk prior to sizing.

Small Fruit Eliminator

The Small Fruit Eliminator (SFE) removes under sized cherries and orchard waste. Undersized cherries and orchard waste falls between the electronically adjustable gap provided by the parallel sizing rollers to waste belts, then are transported to separate collection bins.

Sorting Belts

Our unique and innovative sorting belts are manufactured in pairs to allow for a central belt for reject grade cherries.

Electronic Carton Fillers

Electronic carton filling ensures consistent box weight accuracy and faster volume throughput. Electronic carton fillers are positioned at the end of each sorting belt, then cartons sit on a load cell platform where they are filled to a pre-programmed weight setting via an adjustable feed belt, or hopper, controlled by a touch screen LCD monitor.

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