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2012 Governor of Victoria Export Awards – Innovation Excellence Award

GP Graders has been designing and building fruit grading machinery for nearly 50 years and has been exporting for the past 15 years. Over the years, we have exported citrus and apple machinery to China, Thailand, Norway and Turkey and cherry machinery throughout Europe and North and South America. GP Graders is the world’s leading manufacturer of cherry machinery and have a longstanding tradition of innovation.

Our new AirJet® cherry grader with defect is a world first and grades cherries according to colour, size, shape and defects. Much R&D was undertaken in order to overcome the challenges inherent in defect grading cherries. We have now installed the technology amongst market leaders with great success. The defect grader removes 80% of defects resulting in up to 70% reduction in staffing costs and a higher quality, more consistent packout.

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