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Have you met gp601?

We’ve kept this project a little on the low down because we wanted to ensure the outcomes were landing exactly where our customers need them to be. Now, after a couple of very successful harvest seasons with the new weight grading platform, we’re excited to officially introduce… gp601!

Building upon our longstanding reputation of excellence in fruit grading, this new weight grading platform utilises our latest technology to sort fruit accurately and efficiently according to weight exclusively.

For many, many years, there have been hundreds of GP Graders customers who have been running the gp501 and even gp927 weight grading systems across an array of fruits including nectarines, peaches, plums, apricots, persimmons and even apples, pears and citrus. As the hardware that supports the platform became obsolete, the need for an upgrade grew inevitable and so a little while ago, we headed to the drawing board to create an entirely new weight grading platform that included a new user interface, firmware and software architecture and new algorithms to improve accuracy. Taking everything we know about fruit gradings’ evolution over the last 60 years and applying the groundbreaking technological advancements made in recent years, we’ve again created a grading solution that will continue to benefit fruit growers for years to come.

One of the best features of the new gp601 weighing system is that it’s gpVision™-ready. As market expectations change and the demand for even higher quality fruit grows, the industry-leading defect detection, gpVision™ can be retrofitted to allow you to deliver an even more superior product to your customers. One of our plum-growing customers in Orange has been able to reduce the number of staff on the packing line since we fitted gpVision™ on his 40-year-old grading machinery.

Another customer in the Swan Hill region of Victoria has benefitted from an entirely new installation of the gp601 weight grading platform and associated machinery, commenting that:
“Since installing the GP601, there are a lot of new benefits to it, being a lot easier to pack the fruit and being able to do a better job of quality and under less pressure. We’re doing less hours, pushing the volume through the machine and not having to spend as many hours inside of the shed anymore.”

It has been a very intentional goal and clear of the GP Graders development team, to ensure ease-of-use is maximised. Just like with the intuitive user interface of the gpVision™ platform, the gp601 weight grading system is incredibly easy to learn, use and adjust through the harvest/packing season. We’ve had lots of overwhelmingly positive feedback around how quickly operators can get up to speed with running the machine, with great results being achieved after only a few hours, rather than the usual days and days!

In a time when labour costs are presenting considerable financial and logistical challenges, the importance of investing in technology to improve operations is more important than ever. Talk to us today to discuss how our experience paired with your passion can yield more profitable outcomes.

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