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Remote Support Unlocks Season Success

Remote support is helping to streamline operations, improve grading outcomes and reduce labour costs. Having a GP Graders Technician be able to login and adjust, assist or even reboot, has allowed many packhouse managers to have even greater season success, confident in the knowledge that help is there when they need it most.

Help Is More Accessible Than Ever Before

Despite one of our main focuses, whilst developing gpVision, being ease-of-use of the software, the fact is, there will always be varying degrees of knowledge coming and going from your business and from time to time, you’re going to need some help to get your grader operating at it’s optimum. We understand that the conditions and characteristics of each variety, batch and bin will vary from year to year and throughout the harvest season and we’re here to help! For many years, most packing sheds had a dedicated team of operators to ‘run’ the grading machinery. Now, thanks to the technologies available, help is more accessible than ever before and can potentially be the make-or-break for a successful grading run. Not to mention, the considerable cost savings of not needing to have a dedicated ‘grader operator’ on the machine all day.

Support Technicians Will Help To Get Great Results

We spoke to a number of our customers this year, who couldn’t speak more highly of the service and support they received. Many specifically mentioned how excellent it was, that whenever they had any kind of issue with their grading system or profile settings, for example, there was a GP Graders Support Technician able to login remotely and make adjustments as required. This feature, coupled with a user-friendly interface that is less overwhelming and complicated, ensures our technicians can work with your onsite team to tune and tweak settings and work towards achieving the best possible grading outcomes.

Probably the Easiest-to-Use Grading Software in the World

It’s no secret, when we made the bold decision to build our very own grading platform on the foundations of 60+ years of fruit grading experience, one the most important features, that would separate it from the rest, was ease of use. We wanted, more than anything else, to relieve the need to have dedicated operators required onsite.

With two separate development teams working collaboratively to build the backend and front-end user interface, coupled with real feedback from our customers that’s being applied to updates continuously, we’re quietly confident that we’ve quite likely created the easiest-to-use grading software ever.

The user interface presents all the important information clearly, settings and adjustments can be made easily and efficiently, buttons, tabs and windows are laid out intuitively and reports are available for quick review or downloading.

All this information ensures packhouse managers are more in tune with what’s happening in their packing shed and allows for faster decision-making.

A Help Desk That Actually Helps

When you pair extensive experience with connectivity and a service people that actually care, you’ve got great support solutions you can count on. With the introduction of our new online support system last year, we’ve had fantastic feedback about how it’s impacted our customer’s businesses.

Charlie at BiteRiot had this to say:

“GP’s service and support is really good. Whenever I’ve got a problem, I just send a ticket in and within 10-15 minutes, a technician is on the phone with me, helping logging onto my computer, fixing any problems I have really quickly and efficiently.”

Harvest season is stressful enough so knowing you have the help and support of our team brings an almost priceless peace of mind for packhouse managers.

There’s More to Come

With the power of the internet in our pockets, there’s still so much more that can be done to bring agriculture and technology together. For example, we’re deep in the throws of developing an online dashboard for managers to access from anywhere in the world, providing live feedback on the productivity, packout and breakdown of grading results in their packing facility.
And it won’t stop there. We’re listening to our customers and are committed to continual improvement of our products.

Ready Now!

The good news is, there are no special requirements at the packing shed side of the equation. Just a stable internet connection and someone on the end to accept a secure connection request.🙂

If you’re not already connected, be sure to get in touch with us and we’ll get you set up.

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