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Getting The Most Out of gpVision™

The pursuit of understanding is key to unlocking the optimal performance and benefits that a system can offer. gpVision™ was designed to be the easiest-to-use grading platform available but like any system, the better you know it, the greater the outcomes.

We’ve spoken with our most experienced grader operators to get the best tips & tricks, for you to get the most out of the gpVision™.

1. Duplicate & Backup

When starting a new variety for which the grading program is not set,  it is best to duplicate a program from a similar variety and use that as a base to start with. In this way you do not disrupt any settings on previously set programs and you get a good reference point for the new variety.

Once you’ve made your changes and are ready to review the results, be sure to close and re-open your recent fruit window so that the new scans can be reviewed.

2. Check Your Changes

It can be easy to click a few buttons and head off to work on something else but even our experienced operators recommend always checking your work! When you’re making changes to sizing, colour spectrums, or defect tolerance, after you save, make sure you switch screens and check recent fruit images. It’s important to check your results are working correctly or good fruit could end up in the waste bin or bad fruit in your cartons.

3. Fruit (In All The Wrong Places)

Johnny Lee was looking for love in all the wrong places but in this case, if you’ve got fruit landing in the wrong exit, there are some things you can check to alleviate the issue.

When you have good fruit in the waste bin, the best process is to check the settings for the most common defect that’s being returned and work downward from there. As you work through each image set, you can use a process of elimination to investigate where the issue lies. From there, you can make the necessary adjustments in your grading program.

If fruit is coming out at the wrong exit… one of the first things to check is your air pressure. We’ve been amazed by how often this simple thing causes hassle. Too little pressure and your fruit will just run off the end of the grader and get re-circulated. Too much pressure and you get what we refer to as ‘migration’, where the fruit will be ejected with too much force and bounce over to another exit.

One last thing to check is that your curtains are not interfering with passing fruit or the cups. This alone will often cause unusual results and slight rotation of the bar clips could prevent stems on cherries, for example, from hitting and jumping into the wrong exit lane.

4. You Spin Me Round

If you’re getting some unfavourable results with defects being missed, for example, one of the first things to check if your fruit rotation. A slight adjustment on the speed of the motor that controls rotation could be all it takes to get great coverage of the fruit surface, allowing gpVision™ to do its magic trick and detect the defects.

Take a look at your recent fruit image sets and ensure that you can see the progression of the fruit roll over a little in each frame. On cherries, for example, it’s quite easy to see the stem roll from one side to the other.

Lastly, make sure you check all lanes because the issue may be isolated to just one specific line and therefore be even easier to adjust for.

5. Support When You Need It

Last year, we launched a great new support ticket system. And it’s working really well. We’ve lots of great feedback about how brilliant it is that the technician response times are prompt and the ability to login to grading shed sites remotely and make adjustments has had incredibly positive results, almost alleviating the need to have a dedicated operator in smaller operations.

The next time you’ve got an issue with your grader or gpVision, log a Support Ticket and we’ll get back to you promptly.

To lodge a service or support request simply visit support.gpgraders.com, login, click the ‘Tickets’ icon, and then click ‘Raise Ticket’.

Or if you would like to talk with a technician directly, please call +61 412 725 446


Understanding a system is crucial for optimising its functionality and harnessing its full potential. While the GP Graders support team are always happy to help out, there’s huge value in knowing what to tweak and adjust through your day-to-day operations that will help to ensure a smooth grading session.

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