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Alfaberries Reaps Returns with AirJet Vision®

Since installing the machine, the line has been running double shifts in order to process the season’s blueberry crop. As a significant exporter, Alfaberries is now able to export with confidence, being able to separate soft and firm blueberries, remove all defect fruits, size grade and most importantly, remove shriveled or dehydrated fruits.

As the season progresses, Alfaberries have been most impressed with the AirJet Vision® software’s ability to detect shrivel and dehydrated blueberries and remove them from other export quality fruits.

Sebastias Sepulvada, Director of Alfaberries notes, “The ability of the GP Graders’ AirJet® grader to take out the shrivels is incredible. No one else is able to do that and this gives us a huge advantage in the marketplace. The AirJet Vision® software is by far the best software available.”

Sebastias Sepulvada goes on to say, “We have the GP Graders machine which has allowed us to maximize the fruit with very good exportable quality, and to diversify the markets. The service of our GP Graders friends has been extremely good. We are very happy with the alliance and with the machine.”

The Alfaberries blueberry installation is part of the joint partnership between GP Graders and A&B Packing. A&B Packing supplied the in-feed machinery including the hopper, elevator, blower, small fruit eliminator and the Evolution clam shell packing machinery. GP Graders provided the AirJet® grader with 16 lanes and 16 exits with distribution belts.

Watch Video on Alfaberries 16 Lane Blueberry Grading Line

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