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MultiView™ Camera System Roll Out

The first MultiView™ Camera system results are in! And they are excellent.

Our friends at Gunkell Orchards kindly allowed us to do some real-world testing for the end-on cameras designed to capture the difficult surfaces of cherries.

For cherries, we’ve utilised an extra 6 cameras, mounted on angle at the front and rear of the cherry rotation area, to capture a total of 36 images, giving us the most comprehensive view of each individual cherry. These extra images allow defects to be detected in what may have otherwise been missed in the top down rotational images

When it comes to Cherry Tomatoes, our first side camera system has just made it to Queensland for calibration and testing. An exciting advancement in the grading and sorting of various small tomatoes, we’re certain this will be a turning point for the industry.

Both installations are running our proprietory vision grading system, gpVision.

To find out more about the Sunripe installation, click here.

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