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Time to Automate Your Packing Operations

Human labour is a growing expense, with wages subject to legislative increases on a regular basis. Costs associated with overtime, penalty rates, insurance and retirement have motivated packers to switch from manual labour to smart equipment solutions. Sourcing labour becomes an increasingly arduous task and retaining it in this competitive market is equally difficult.

Current interest rates for capital equipment financing are at an all-time low. This, considered with progressively more costly human labour mean that the investment in grading technology is not only the more financially sensible choice, but it also improves the quality and quantity of output.

GP Graders’ new AirJet Vision® technology has now reached the tipping point in its rollout where it consistently provides a better overall result than the best human sorting. These outcomes reliably fall within the boundaries of acceptable tolerance guidelines of even the most particular buyers. These results are achieved without fault and the machinery never tires, never complains and never asks for a pay rise. The optical cameras of the AirJet Vision® technology have effectively replaced the human eye.

Typical investment payback for the GP Graders machinery is between 1 and 2 years. This comes from both labour cost reductions and improved financial return from produce – with our technology, produce can be segregated into different grades for different markets at various price points. This allows packers to maximise saleable produce and minimise wastage.

GP Graders are known as world leaders in advancing grading technologies. Active advancements in our AI are to be released later this year. AI developments will continue to provide greater opportunities for lowering labour costs. Global issues like the coronavirus only add to the stress of employing staff and maintaining productivity.

Get in contact with the team at GP Graders to talk about how we can take staff out of your pack-house with the right machine investment.

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