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China Gives Green Light for Australian Fruit Imports to Resume

For the last two years, Australian growers have suffered the effects of a Chinese trade ban on Australian products, including fruit. The ban was initially put in place due to political tensions arising when then Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, called for an independent inquiry into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, many of the restrictions on Australian fruit to be imported into China have now been lifted.

Markets Reopen for Citrus, Stone Fruit, Mango, and Cherry Producers

It’s good news for citrus, stone fruit, and mango growers, who have had to diversify their exports into other markets these past two years. In 2019/20, before the ban was put in place, the Chinese market was worth AU$ 522 million to Australian fruit exporters. This plummeted to AU$66 million in 2021/22 in the wake of the ban and other market constraints.

Fruit Exports Predicted to Bounce Back

Improving seasonal conditions across most of the east coast is predicted to drive strong horticultural production throughout 2023. This, combined with the forecasting of a dryer summer, will prove more favourable to stone fruit growers who suffered weather-related production loss over the summer of 2022/23.

Increased yield, a reduction in global freight disruptions and the removal of the Chinese ban will further open up the lucrative Southeast Asian market for Australian growers. Export opportunities are also a welcome relief to growers looking to diversify their market in the wake of the cost of living crisis in Australia and the competitiveness of the local market.

Looking Forward

With production costs at an all-time high, it’s essential that growers are adapting and streamlining their packhouse operations. To meet the increased demand that the reopening of the Chinese market will create, it’s essential that every last good piece of fruit is accurately sorted, exceptional fruit is accurately graded so it can be sold at a premium and high levels of quality are always maintained.

GP Graders with gpVision™ is a long-lasting investment into your packhouse operation. gpVision’s superior defect detection system means that you can accurately grade fruit and feel confident about the product that is being sent to market. Additionally, Exit Manager technology allows you to track, manage and better monitor output and wastage – keeping you in control at all times.

The Chinese market is ripe for the picking. If you’d like to discuss how GP Graders can help ensure that you can meet market demand, let’s talk.

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