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Optimising Packhouse Operations: How Exit Manager Improves Precision And Efficiency

A profitable packing house needs to send out the right fruit in the right quantities at the right time. Until now, growers have relied on manual weighing and the accuracy of their staff to ensure that fruit is packed to weight. However, in a dynamic operation where multiple products are being run on the same line, this has been a challenge to manage.

At least it was a challenge until Exit Manager came into the picture.

What Is Exit Manager

Exit Manager is an integrated system that GP Graders offer to make packing more accurate. Scales are located at each packing outlet and each waste exit to calculate the total packed product and total waste product.

Linked to a central control, the exit scales can be monitored and updated from a central location, allowing the operator to move seamlessly from one product to the next. The easy-to-use system uses a screen to communicate the packing weight to staff, and the ability to log in and track productivity allows operators to ensure that staff are working at the desired capacity.

More Than Just A Fancy Scale

The scale is an essential component of the system, but our sophisticated software makes Exit Manager a game changer. Comprehensive batch reports that show the itemised packed product, second grade, waste and orchard matter give growers an accurate picture of their operation with a level of precision not seen before. Barcode integration allows for complete traceability and end-of-batch snapshots of bin and box weights to allocate batch weights precisely.

Adding Exit Manager To Your Operation

The Exit Manager system seamlessly integrates with our GP601 grading platform and is a powerful addition when combined with gpVision™ system. In a market where labour shortages and unpredictable weather make running a profitable business challenging, Exit Manager is a valuable tool to increase your productivity and futureproof your operation.

If you’d like to explore the benefits that Exit Manager can offer, Let’s talk.

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