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AirJet Vision® for Cherries is Released – Flawlessly

Geofrut in Chile replaced their 20 lanes of old Ellips SD with AirJet Vision® and are so thrilled with the results they plan to replace the 10 lanes of old Ellips HD electronics with AirJet Vision® in time for next year.

By comparison, AirJet Vision® removed 40% more defects than the Ellips SD system and significantly more defects than the Ellips HD system. Equally as impressive, AirJet Vision® allowed Geofrut to process 29% more production while requiring fewer sorters. The Ellips HD system needed three sorters per lane whereas AirJet Vision® required one sorter on the same variety and batch of fruit.

AirJet Vision® is a great jump forward for GP Graders and its customers. The official launch of AirJet® Vision for cherries was at Oregon Cherry Growers (OCG) mid-way through the year in The Dalles, Oregon.

For the beginning of harvest in the Southern Hemisphere, Barisha Batinick, owner of Valley Fresh in Young, NSW, Australia said “The start-up was perfect, and we are thrilled with its capability. It’s doing everything that was promised and more.”

AirJet Vision® has been in development for several years with the software having already performed two cherry seasons to stress test and further develop the platform. But the official release still brought immense satisfaction to the GP Graders development team.

AirJet Vision® is the start of a long pipeline of developments being worked on by GP Graders. The next release will be angled cameras to capture the full surface area of the cherry with the view of removing sorters entirely.

“We don’t want to give away all our secrets, but I can promise we have some really exciting releases coming up for our loyal customers in the next couple of years that will really add value to their businesses” said Mr Payne.

Contact us for customer references who are using AirJet® Vision for their feedback.

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