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Why a Californian Cherry Grower with over 100 years of experience chose GP Graders

With a rich history dating back to 1921, this family-owned orchard has been cultivating delicious cherries for over a century. In this Q&A session with Kristin Dasso, we delve into their experience, the challenges they’ve faced, and their decision to partner with GP Graders. Discover the insights and motivations that led A & A Dasso Farms to adopt GP Graders’ innovative technology, ultimately enhancing their efficiency and fruit quality.

Q&A with Kristin Dasso:

What size are the Beecher Lane Cherry orchards, and how long have you been growing fruit?

We have been growing cherries at A & A Dasso Farms since 1921, and we currently pack for several hundred acres of orchards throughout California.

What varieties do you grow?

We grow a variety of cherries, including Tulare, Brooks, Coral, and Bing.

How was the season looking, heading into the 2023 harvest?

Heading into harvest, the season was looking promising. It started about two weeks late, but we had a heavy fruit set and nice sizing.

What has been the biggest challenge so far this harvest season?

The biggest challenge we faced this harvest season has been the market conditions.

After a challenging few years, have you had any big wins this season?

Yes, this season we successfully transitioned to operating in two shifts, which has been a significant win for us.

What have been the best things since installing GP Graders machinery?

Since installing GP Graders machinery, we have experienced improved efficiency, enhanced reliability, and the ability to produce a higher-quality and more consistent pack.

What volume are you averaging per hour on your machine?

Our average volume per hour on the GP Graders machine, depending on fruit size, is currently 750-950 lbs. per lane.

What made you choose a GP Graders machine?

We chose GP Graders because of their reputation for producing high-quality grading machinery software and their excellent track record in the industry.

How do you find ease of use with the grading software?

The grading software has been user-friendly, making it easy for our team to operate and adjust as needed during the grading process.

How have you found the service and support from GP Graders?

The service and support from GP Graders have been exceptional. They have been responsive to our needs and have provided valuable assistance whenever required.

What challenges are you working to overcome in the next few seasons?

In the next few seasons, we are working to overcome challenges related to optimizing our production process, managing market fluctuations, and further improving fruit quality.

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