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AirJet Vision® Ready to Replace Old Ellips Software

AirJet Vision® puts GP Graders in complete control of the development process for the software on its machinery. It was a logical step and took several years of intense development, but the results have been better than expected. “We introduced Ellips to the cherry business more than a decade ago with their software development under our guidance and it was very successful. But we felt we needed to take control of our own development as they were not keeping up with what the industry was demanding and rapid changes were taking place”, notes Timothy Stack, Projects Manager at GP Graders.

The company has hundreds of lanes on order for the new AirJet Vision® and is being bombarded with inquiries. GP Graders are now taking upgrade orders and are in the process of replacing old standard definition and high definition Ellips systems on its machinery.

The company expects almost all Ellips systems to be replaced with AirJet Vision® within three years. In the meantime, GP Graders have a full stock of old Ellips spare parts and will continue to support those customers transitioning; as we have in the past providing support services. We have cheap spares on offer as we take back old systems, so if customers need parts, we are able to offer relatively new ones for a fraction of the new price.

All customers who transfer to the new AirJet Vision® platform will enjoy the benefits of free upgrades and a single point of service and support. The software is very simple to use, and customers will have access to all the future development releases from GP Graders.

Contact us for customer references who are using AirJet Vision® Vision for their feedback.

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