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Australian Manufacturing Stays Strong Throughout COVID-19

As stringent border control and other social measures impact daily life around the world, Australia has been fortunate to be able to avoid the brunt of the crisis. This has given Australian manufacturers opportunities to push their products onto the global stage and has highlighted the exceptional reliability and value that our products deliver.

Manufacturing in Australia is known for high quality control standards which are often neglected in other locations around world. Sanitary procedures are of the utmost importance in the Australian market. GP Graders typifies this in the AirJet Vision® line of produce grading and sorting equipment. Renowned for elite grading precision and speed which remains unmatched in the industry, AirJet Vision® equipment is set to make a statement in the global market.

Australia is widely recognised around the world as being clean and green. These are values that are exercised in Australian lifestyles. Domestic innovations in production processes reflect this – GP Graders are a leader in this movement. In the pursuit of sanitary production, GP Graders are seeking to create a contactless packhouse. A critical element of this is the use of stainless-steel equipment, which GP Graders have introduced more heavily into equipment lines.

Beyond the sanitary considerations, a contactless packhouse also provides clients with immense economic benefit. The elimination of floor staff in a packhouse means that there are substantially fewer personnel expenses, like wages and leave. This shift ultimately aligns to the trajectory of the global packing industry. Stricter movement between international borders in the near future will continue to be detrimental to the labour of packhouses. These workforces typically consist of large groups of travelling workers, who will obviously be unable to cross borders to work.

Australian manufacturers are expected to be a significant driving force behind the stimulation of the export economy. Superior quality standards and production practices solidify the country as a reliable and trusted manufacturing nation, with an eye on innovation. GP Graders are taking these values to the next level, providing industry leading solutions for the global market.

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