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Blueberry Sorting is the Next Move for your Business

If there’s one thing the global pandemic of 2020 has taught us, it’s that the future of business relies on automation and smarter operations. The days of simply employing more and more labour to tend to the workload will be an undoing, not only because of the rising cost, but due to the availability of such labour. We believe the pandemic has served as a watershed moment for businesses to ask, ‘how can we use human’s minds instead of bodies’? It comes back to the age-old adage. Smarter, not harder.

The next decade will, without a doubt, see the introduction of all kinds of machines to make business operations less reliant on human labour and at GP Graders, we’re encouraged to design and build innovative machinery that creates a favourable return on investment and, most importantly, profit on the bottom line.

One such innovation is our AirJet Blueberry Grader with gpVision™.

In 2006, we revolutionised the cherry sorting process with an electronic vision grading system that quite literally doubled the effectivity of sorting colour, size and defects from the old mechanical ways. Fast forward 15 years and countless lanes of cherry vision grading installation completed and we’re again, making a dent in the industry with incredible results for Blueberry sorting. With installations in Australia, Chile, Canada and the United States, the AirJet Blueberry Grader is substantially improving business productivity and profitability.

Traditionally, blueberries have been processed either by hand or by archaic mechanical machines that only achieved the simple process of getting fruit into containers. Today, consumers demand more uniformity, consistency and a higher quality product. And the businesses that can meet those demands are leading the pack.

Built from the ground up, we’ve produced all our own electronic components, mechanical hardware and utilised some of the best electrical engineering methods to create a robust, reliable and future-ready solution. Fast, gentle and accurate, the AirJet Blueberry Grader sorts blueberries at a speed of up to 45 units per second per lane, yielding extremely high productivity while maintaining grading accuracy. There are a variety of models to suit your production volume needs, starting with our 4 lane model processing 625kg per hour right up to the 16 lane version to process over 2 ½ tonnes per hour.

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