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Calidad en Berries

Calidad en berries means Quality in Berries, and that’s a statement that can be stood by.

Alfaberries, from Chillán, continue to exceed expectations with their blueberry packing facility. There is an absolute buzz around just how successfully they’re processing literally tonnes and tonnes of blueberries. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve recently received from their packhouse manager:

Versatility: The GP grader allow us to modify the selection parameters at any moment of the fruit process if the condition of the fruit varies. This is a huge help because we react according with the quality of the different batches.
Defect Detection: The GP Grader allow us to obtain clamshells of uniform quality, in fact the selection of defects is so efficient that customers sometimes request us to allow more presence of defects on the clamshells but without exceeding the maximum allowed for the specific defect.
Mechanics & Layout: The GP graders is a very friendly machine when it comes to being used. You need only a few hours to get use to it. The layout of the machine give us the chance to install it in smaller places if you compare it with the rest of the competitors. This is an advantage because you will need smaller facilities to fit the GP machine. After 2 years of using the machine no mechanical and/or electrical issues have being faced. Regarding the post sales service, it has been first grade.
In brief we can say that the machine does what you ask from it, now if the performance is low that’s because of the quality of the fruits.”

For an overview of the Alfaberries production line, check out the feature video.

If you’re a Spanish speaker, PoliticaTV has produced a great video with GP Graders Chile:

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