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GP Graders AirJet® Cherry Grader Set Record Production Throughput

“GP Graders’ latest AirJet® cherry grader is the most productive machine in the market, in the world. The new grader now can define more classes of fruit than ever before, increasing the value of each batch and almost doubling the output volume of the original machine. The volume output we are achieving on 6 lane machine is 5,500kg per hour, or 916kg per lane compared to 550 kg per lane on the older machine.  That’s a production improvement of 67%” notes Tim Reid.

Cherry growers in Australia’s south east have experienced a difficult time due to persistent and heavy rainfall during this year’s peak season. Michael Batinich, of Cherrymore (NSW, Australia) says, “Even with an environmentally challenging year; the outcomes can be successful if you have the right equipment.” Michael has recently purchased two AirJet® cherry grading lines for his two facilities, which includes the new HD superior camera technology.  This innovative technology has enabled Michael and his team to achieve higher than expected results this year. Each 6 lane grading line was able to sort 5,500kg per hour, again translating to 916kg per hour.  An astonishing level of production.

The capabilities of GP Graders’ technology are outstanding. The superior camera technology is now standard on Airjet® electronic cherry graders.  Utilizing HD cameras to give the sharpest picture resolution for size, color and defect analysis.  B&W, Colour and NIR HD cameras are located directly over the rotating cherry taking synchronized images and ensuring no parallax errors corrupt the image analysis. High-intensity pulsing LED lighting provides intense illumination of fruit under the cameras and the removal of “light glare”. 30 images of the total surface area of each cherry are captured for analysis.

This new level of analysis is unprecedented in the fresh produce industry.  GP Graders’ solutions are gentle on the fruit while maximizing the efficiency in production regarding tonnage per hour and reductions in processing and packing costs.  GP Graders is the only manufacturer worldwide with true defect grading technology.  All existing technology can be upgraded to include a defect system, and all mechanical cherry lines can have an Airjet® defect grader installed.

With over 50 years of industry knowledge, GP Graders’ President, Stuart Payne, and his team have remained an industry leader in innovation and technology.  “We believe in continual improvement for all our products. We achieve this by working closely with our customers; we understand their needs and we are dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding products and ongoing service.” Now added to this is that GP Graders cherry lines offer production throughput of almost double any competitive machinery.

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