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GP Graders Blueberry Grading – Two World Firsts!

The AirJet® Blueberry grader is the only full sanitary machine on the market complying to global Hygiene Standard 3-A SSI. We identified one of the major weaknesses of the blueberry graders entering the market is the complete disregard for the difficulties in cleaning and maintaining the machinery. All these modern blueberry machines have been designed for cherries which are conveyed in water. Blueberries are not, hence a total re-think in the machinery design was required to minimize time spent cleaning the machinery and maintaining the machinery in good working order. With our new hygienic design, we expect wash down and cleaning time to be less than 1/3 the time taken on competitive machines.

The AirJet® Blueberry grader’s other world first is its ability to detect and remove shrivel and dehydrated blueberries. With its new AirJet® Vision software platform the system allows operators to “see” and remove dehydrated and shriveled blueberries. Our new GP Graders AirJet® Vision software is now the world leader in blueberry grading technology.


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