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GP Graders expands its Chilean team to support industry growth

Chile is the largest global exporter of blueberries, having exported 110,000 thousand metric tonnes of blueberries in 2017 compared to its previous year’s statistics of 103,000 thousand metric tonnes. Furthermore, there has been an evident boom in Chinese investments into the Chilean blueberry market enabling the production quantity and quality of these blueberries to improve in order to meet rising consumer demands. Peru is not far behind with fast growth in the sector promising to overtake Chile in the next few years.

There’s nothing better than a cherry on top. Chile is doing exactly that, as they have become one of the most predominant and strong players in the cherry market due to their favourable climates and harvesting conditions. The export value of cherries from Chile in 2018 equated to 1.08 billion USD, almost doubling from 514 million USD which was recorded in 2017.

This extraordinarily high growth in both the blueberry and cherry industries in Chile indicates the need for growers and packers to have access to the highest quality grading and packing equipment and technology in order to maximise their output levels and deliver consistent premium quality produce. By expanding the Chilean team, GP Graders are ensuring their competitive edge technology is serviced and maintained correctly in order to provide producers and packers with the world’s best equipment in the industry.

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