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GP Graders’ new AirJet® Vision software

Separating soft and firm berries

The software is not only capable of detecting the softness of blueberries, but it is able to see the cell structure of the berry and its condition, allowing the berry to be categorised according to very soft (for the IQF market), medium soft, medium firm and very firm. This capability enables packers to separate and send the very firm product to more lucrative export markets as they will guarantee arrival in good condition. The softer product which is nearing the end of its shelf life will be sent to more local markets. Unlike other machinery in the market, the AirJet® Vision is not simply a Yes/No machine, whereby they only distinguish between soft and firm, often very inaccurately. The ability of AirJet® Vision to separate the relative degrees of softness / firmness across multiple categories if unique to GP Graders.

Detecting defect blueberries

The camera resolution and grading features of the new AirJet® Vision allow blueberries to be separated according to standards never before seen in the industry. The requirement for human sorting has essentially been eliminated. The software can detect and remove waste; splits, cracks, rot, bruising, scars, reds and greens, and decay. It is also able to detect if any stem remains on the berry and if so, can eject it to a separate category.

Removal of dehydrated or shrivelled blueberries

One of the key features of GP Graders’ new AirJet® Vision software is its ability to see and separate dehydrated or shrivelled blueberries. Rather than lumping shrivelled product in with second grade or IQF product it can now be pulled out and dealt with separately. Again, this feature is unique to GP Graders’ AirJet® Vision software.

GP Graders software and hardware future

GP Graders is one of the world’s leading ag-tech companies. Our suite of new software solutions and pipeline of hardware and software developments will place the company at the very forefront of electronic vision technology for small produce such as cherries, cherry and grape tomatoes and blueberries.

We know our customers and we know what they are looking for. They want the best technology which will give them an edge in the market against their competitors, they want it for a reasonable price, and they want it in a ready usable format without undue complexity.

Over the next two years GP Graders will continue to release new vision technology, a new, much easier-to-use software interface with new features to allow packers to differentiate their product from other packers running their blueberries over inferior machinery. We will also be integrating our Exit Manager traceability software into all our AirJet® Vision software releases.

GP Graders is entering a truly exciting time with its full control over the development of their vision optics through AirJet® Vision and the worldwide tie-up with A&B Packing out of Michigan, USA.


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