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GP Graders Shipping Worldwide in 2020

With most of Europe in lockdown and unable to fulfil customer orders, Australia is unlikely to face the same restrictions in the manufacturing sector. Australia being a more sparsely populated country with generally healthier people, bears little comparative similarities with Europe or China, where the outbreak of COVID-19 is at its most rampant. In fact, the infection curve in Australia is already showing signs of flattening with relatively few contracted cases and even fewer deaths.

With Europe closed, GP Graders’ sales enquiries for its AirJet® Vision range of grading software and machinery have been skyrocketing.

“If this COVID-19 virus has taught us anything, it’s that it’s time to automate and take labour out of the equation. If a machine does a better job than a person, then buy the machine, it’s simple,” says Mr Payne.

In the past week GP Graders have taken orders for sorting and packing machinery for apples, mangoes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and cherries.

“With the success of its AirJet Vision® technology, 2020 was on track to be a very good year but with this upturn in sales, it now appears it will be the best year yet for the company.”

For order fulfilment this year in 2020, contact us.

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