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gpVision™ – Intelligence Simplified

With the launch of our gpVision™ in 2018 came the intention to significantly improve the usability of fruit grading software. All systems to date have had a steep learning curve and lacked intuitiveness, making the process of getting the machine up and running arduous and frustrating.

The result of the last 2 years of research, development and testing is gpVision™ with far simplified usability. The entire interface has been redesigned for ease of use.

Most grading software tends to be a complicated, overwhelming array of numbers, tables and buttons. Where gpVision™ stands out from the crowd is with a visually useful layout of relevant information, paired with easy settings changes and an intuitive setup process.

Quite simply, this is the most easy-to-use grading solution available today.  With 2 hours of training, any user will be up and running and creating their own programmes.

Do you want all your rich burgundy red cherries, sized between 26m & 28mm all to come out of exit 6? No problem. A few clicks and out they come. The cherries with a bit of wind rub aren’t too bad this year… great, let them through to your exits for second-grade fruit. Again, it’s just a few clicks. The very point of grading your fruit is to put the control and decision-making back in your hands so you can determine the best mix of grading to maximise your profits.

Now in its second iteration, gpVision™ leverages all the power of the base platform to achieve exceptional grading results, most notably in colour and size sorting. Add to this, significant defect detection capability and the cost savings quickly start to show in the reduction of labour costs on your sorting tables.

With our commitment to innovation and development, gpVision™ just keeps getting better with new features being added in each release. The latest release includes more interface and usability improvements, along with auto software updates that will check you’re running the most up-to-date version of gpVision™. One excellent feature that is set to roll out with the next major release is what we’ve called ABCD or Auto Balancing Colour Distribution. This intelligent grading option allows you to spread fruit classified to a specific class equally across two or more exits, allowing for an even distribution of fruit in their final boxes. For high-volume operators, this is an extremely valuable feature!

In the world of fruit grading and technology, gpVision™ is paving the pathway to complete packhouse automation and we’re proud of the role GP Graders is playing in helping growers and packers improve operations and remain competitive.

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