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gpVision™ Technology for Stone Fruit

GP Grader’s industry-leading gpVision™ technology has been launched for stone fruit.

Achieving excellent results already on a number of machines running in the US, the new 601 Stone Fruit Grader with gpVision is effectively separating blemished fruit from good fruit and increasing the overall quality of the fruit in the box.

This defect detection capability, paired with near-perfect weight and colour grading, is resulting in pack-house labour reduction and smoother operations.

With the ability to simply load up specific programs for the fruit you are processing that day, the stone fruit grader is versatile and currently capable of processing plums and nectarines.

This new technology, developed entirely in-house by GP Graders will see peach processing go for field testing later this year and apricot grading shortly thereafter.

With ever-increasing labour costs, now is the time to talk with GP Graders about improving your stone fruit pack-house operations.

Originally published in Tree Fruit Magazine.

Growers and packers should register their interest as soon as possible because demand for this technology is going to be massive. Click Here.

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