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How AirJet Vision has Changed the Market Two Years On

When AirJet Vision® launched on the market, it marked a quantum leap for grading technologies. Revolutionising the performance measures of grading has catapulted producers’ productivity levels significantly – an investment that has paid dividends for all stakeholders. For GP Graders, the reward for developing cutting edge vision electronics which focus on speed and accuracy has paid off. Since the release of AirJet Vision®, hundreds and hundreds of sorting lanes have been sold via upgrades and new machinery – across an impressive variety of produce as well. AirJet Vision® is now in use across fresh cherries, brine cherries, blueberries, plums, grapes and cherry and grape tomatoes. And soon to be released on larger fruits, such as stone fruit and citrus.

Competitive Advantage

The AirJet® technology has opened up new export markets and product categorisation opportunities for many of our clients. With access to the different classifications provided by the AirJet® technology, many suppliers have now begun trading in frozen or export quality fruits.

AirJet Vision® also significantly reduces the number of staff needed on the packing floor. Besides vastly improving profitability, this development is crucial to meeting increasing sanitary expectations. Human contact presents the risk of contamination – given the current health crisis, this concern is only becoming pertinent. AirJet graders comply with 3-A SSI hygiene standards, providing an equipment choice that will continue to comply with more imminent regulations in the future.

Utilising a 6-megapixel multispectral camera for each individual lane, AirJet Vision® captures an unprecedented 21,000 images of fruit every second. An extremely sharp image resolution allows the technology to grade produce based on size, colour and external and internal defects. AirJet Vision® is the first option on the market capable of grading the relative softness or firmness of blueberries – achieved solely through vision analysis.

Proudly Australian Made

Cherry and blueberry AirJet Vision® grading equipment recently received the Australian Made certification. Australian production is seen internationally as a leading standard, utilising high-quality control procedures and components. As we continue reeling from the impact of the pandemic, onshore production is a crucial industry in the path forward to economic recovery. Pivoting the manufacturing of some of our most important equipment to Australia is one way in which GP Graders are able to contribute to this.

The reception of AirJet® technology has been excellent. Numerous clients have been enthusiastic in providing video demonstrations of the technology in use at their facilities. Take a look at:

 AirJet Vision® for plums at Valley Fresh Cherries & Stonefruits in Young, NSW

AirJet Vision® for cherries at Boosey Fruit in Cobram, Victoria

AirJet Vision® for blueberries at Alfaberries in Chillan, Chile

The innovation and delivery of AirJet Vision® technology has been extremely exciting for GP Graders. Although the coming months present uncertainty, GP Graders remain committed to our clients’ success and the economy’s recovery. For more information on AirJet Vision® technology, get in touch with the team at GP Graders.

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