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Main Range Orchard ‘thrilled’ with the results

Main Range Orchard, like most of the cherry farms in the Young & Orange areas have had a bumper year with excellent yields, no frost and minimal damage from pests. The only major setbacks were the late rain and hail that damaged a substantial amount of crops.

Still, it hasn’t stopped Tim & Neil Wells from processing 1400kg a day of premium cherries, all the while saving substantially on labour . With the much-talked-about labour shortage, this mattered more than ever and obviously has made for a more profitable season.

Chatting with Will, the grader operator for the season, we learned a bit about how the GP Graders AirJet Grader contributed to the successes of the business. In a nutshell, the installation of the AirJet Grader has significantly reduced labour required and with that, the stress that comes with managing large teams of people. In years gone by , there would have been countless hands, working overtime just to get through the fruit volume. This year, they physically picked more fruit from the trees because they knew they could trust the equipment to grade the extra yield.

The installation of an AirJet Grader has also rewarded the business with quality feedback from the infamously fussy Coles & Woolies buyers and Tim & Niel are honestly ‘thrilled’ with the results delivered by GP Graders.

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