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Ordering Spare Parts Early is a Must

When harvest season is just around the corner, it pays to be prepared. One of the busiest seasons in an already non-stop industry calls for every tick box to be checked well in advance. We all know processing delays cost time and money and generate a whole lot of stress. And who wants that?

As harvest season approaches, fruit grading machinery especially needs to be in tip-top condition, ready for those busy days ahead. You can be as prepared as you can be, all your machines ticking along nicely until suddenly something happens, you reach for that all-important spare part and, it’s not there. A productive day can quickly turn into one you’d rather forget.

With Covid-19 came global shipping chaos and it’s a sad fact that shipping delays are still the norm in many industries. Ours included. This is why ordering spare parts early is vital if you want to avoid the nightmare scenario we’ve just described. Lead times that may once have been days or weeks can now be months and the only way to get around that is to get those orders in quickly, and well in advance.

There’s no telling what can happen so ordering spares such as singulator belts, cups/cradles, solenoids, cluster cutter blades, roller bearings, rotation belts, or even a spare motor or gearbox is a good bet. GP Graders have all these parts in stock, available for immediate dispatch.

Having a ready supply of important spares can make the difference between a productive, profitable season and one blighted by delays and stress. Cherry season has kicked off for the mainland and Tasmania is coming up very shortly. Blueberries are commencing soon too. We’re here ready to take your orders and keep you on track for a successful harvest.

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