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The Governor shows his support for local manufacturers

GP Graders has become a flag-bearer for Australian manufacturing and exporting with its cutting-edge fruit sorting technology being exported to Chile, the US, Canada and Europe. GP Graders’ export success is two-fold; as they supply this technology to local Australian exporting companies, improving their efficiency and allowing them to better compete in international markets.

In support of Victoria’s manufacturing industry, the Governor met with managing director Stuart Payne and the staff who are so integral to GP Graders’ success and who contribute so much to Australia’s standing in the international export and manufacturing communities.

“GP Graders have an outstanding history of innovation driven by their commitment to take the extra steps to meet the changing needs of their key clients,” the Governor said.

The Governor toured the GP Graders facility where he saw first-hand the grading machines in motion. He was impressed by how efficient the machines are and the intricacy of  the camera technology in grading fresh cherries. Three cameras take 30 pictures of each cherry to ensure it is accurately graded and that the fruit meets strict quality guidelines.

Also in attendance were local exporting cherry growers, all of whom have benefitted by the efficient and cost-effective nature of GP Graders’ machinery.

“Governor Chernov was warmly received by all of us here at GP Graders and by key industry figures who also came to view the machinery in action,” said GP Graders Managing Director Stuart Payne.

“We were able to illustrate how the technology and our machinery works and why local and overseas buyers seek out cherries graded off our machinery. We were further able to illustrate how the technology has met the challenges faced by local growers and the improvements made in their sorting processes.”

The Governor was also able to view footage of the largest GP Graders machine in action for Rivermaid Trading Company of Lodi, California. By using GP Graders machinery, Rivermaid has increased total revenue through overall improvement in size accuracy from around 50% accuracy when using mechanical sizers to 98.5% using GP Graders’ AirJet® electronic sizer.  The technology also allows Rivermaid to allocate every cherry into the correct size and quality category.

The Governor said of his experience, “It is always a rewarding experience to visit Victoria’s leading exports and learn first-hand about the intricacies of their business.”

The visit to the GP Graders plant acknowledges the exceptional role local manufacturers play within the export market.

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